Sports & Games


A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is not only a belief but a practice with us.

There are extensive play grounds and a swimming pool. Ample facilities are provided for every student to play games daily. Games like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis and Badminton are played daily.

Cricket is played on Sundays and holidays. Students are also given training in Athletics and Gymnastics. Training in swimming is compulsory for all students.

Specially trained coaches for various games and athletics train the boys.

Caroms, Chess and Table Tennis are the indoor games available in the school. Boys have done exceptionally well in the District and State level athletic meets as well as in tournaments.

The Physical Education Department tests each boy in eight events and awards grades according to the performance in the test with regard to age and sends a report to the parents at the end of each academic year.

The Swimming Pool is an additional source of recreation for the boys. Learning Swimming is compulsory to all the boys and they are taught various styles in swimming, and competitions at different levels are conducted annually.