Hostel – A Home away from Home

A hostel is the backbone of a residential school. Hence utmost care and importance is given to comfortable living in the hostel.
Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls

A dormitory accomodates 20 students where each one is provided with a bed, working-table and a cupboard. Besides, a fan for every two keeps the hall well ventilated. Two such dormitories come under the care of a Resident Tutor who looks after the welfare of the students in his dormitories. The senior boys are allotted cubicles (semi- privacy rooms) where they can pursue their academic activities without hindrance to others. The Hostel activities are coordinated by a well experienced Dy. Warden. A recreation hall is available for indoor games & entertainment.

Separate hostel for girls is available
with all required amenities
with female Resident Teachers.


The school has a spacious dining hall where all the students eat together at a time, a well-balanced, nutritious diet. The mess is run on the basis of dividing system. Only non-vegetarian food is served in the mess. Bed-coffee with an egg, tea with biscuits during the interval in the forenoon, tea and snacks in the evening, and milk after games are provided daily in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The mess arrangement is supervised by an experienced Mess Supervisor.


The Resident Teacher plays the role of a friend, philosopher and guide as far as his wards are concerned. He serves as local parent, too. The Tutors keep in touch with their wards and help them solve their academic and personal problems.


The school has a 10 bed hospital inside the campus, fully equipped. A Resident Medical Officer is available in the campus for consultation and two qualified Resident Nurses are accessible round the clock. In case of any serious illness, the parents will be intimated immediately.