Religious Atmosphere

Religious Atmosphere

It is sincerely believed that the religious atmosphere prevailing in the campus contributes a lot in shaping the personality and character of the student community, with all the necessary virtues developed to face this world and the hereafter. Hence religious studies are a part of the School curriculum.

Moral Education forms an integral part of ethics. The grand aim of closeness to Almighty is attained through prayer. It is a source of courage, inner peace, equality and an expression of thankfulness to the Almighty.  In this materialistic world, one can acquire spiritual awareness from prayer that can be taken throughout the life’s endeavours.

The Department of Moral Instruction imparts moral values among the students and moulds them to be self-responsible in every aspect of their daily life. Quran reading classes are conducted every morning after Fajr prayer and are effectively trained by our teachers, ably assisted by Kilakkarai Bukhari Aalim Arabic College. This has made a remarkable improvement that many students have moved to the intermediate and advanced level of Quran reading. Hifz classes are conducted for students of class VI to VIII.

‘Ibaadur Rahman’ a student’s association conducted motivational programmes. Adhan, Qira’ath and Surah recitation competitions are also conducted. Children are also taught to respect all other religions with a spirit of tolerance in them.

The children are encouraged in Deeniyath activities. During the month of Ramadan, all the Muslim boys except the boys of V & VI Stds are asked to observe fasting. The Moral Instruction Department assesses each boy from the beginning of the year with regard to Quran reading and religious activities and gives a report to the parent thrice a year. Adhan and Qiraath competitions are conducted every year.

Thirukkural and Moral Instruction classes are conducted for Non-Muslim boys. Students are helped to develop respect cultural, linguistic and religious traditions of their own and others.