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 Mr. V. Irai Anbu, IAS
 Jt. Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Chennai-5Date :20-Sep-1995 
“The cerulean sky, the verdent vegetation and the gentle breeze took me to a different world and transported the spirits to new heights. The curriculum and the size of the school hints at an ideal educational institution it envisages”.


 Mr. K.Malaisamy, IAS
 State Election Commissioner, Tamil Nadu,Date :13-Nov-1996 
“Without any reluctance and reservation, I am inclined to observe that this is one of the well-run schools not only at the State Level but also at the National level in terms of performance and achievement, in contrast to the conventional well-run schools. This school is, no doubt, unique with a great difference indeed.”


 Mr. Mazlan Muhammed,
 Asst. High Commissioner for MalaysiaDate :12-Mar-1998 
“It is heartening to see that the spirit of learning and the aspiration of education is alive and highly developed.”


 Dr. Lalitha Kameswaran
 Vice Chancellor, Dr. M.G.R.Medical University, Chennai.Date :20-Jan-1989 
“The goal of an educational institution is to stimulate the intellect, develop the physique and train the mind to face the challenges of life. Crescent has achieved all these”


 Mosa Raza
 Former Chief Secretary & Secretary to Govt. of India. Presently Chairman, SIET.Date :20-Jan-2000 
“Culture is to learn and to propagate the best that is known and thought in the world”. The Crescent School is performing this function admirably.”


 Mr. N. Ravi
 Editor, The HinduDate :28-Aug-1992 
“The growth had indeed been extremely impressive and the school developed and managed with sensitivity to old values with a modern approach.”


 Najuma Heptullah
 Deputy Chairperson, Rajya SabhaDate :02-Jul-1999 
“Let all of us light a small lamp of enlightenment for others and carry the message.”


 Pro-Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim UniversityDate :24-Feb-1994 
“The School has very good environment for personality development of young people. This type of Schools are really essential for national development.”


 Justice M. Fathima Beevi
 Judge, Supreme Court of India.Date :19-Apr-1992 
“I am delighted to see boys sticking to the curriculum and offering the prayers as stipulated and concentrating on their studies so well.”



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