Religious Atmosphere

It is sincerely believed that the religious atmosphere prevailing in the campus contributes a lot in shaping the personality and character of the student community, with all the necessary virtues developed to face this world and the hereafter. Hence religious studies are a part of the School curriculum.

The Chinese say that you cannot carve on rotten wood. Character, being the basis and end of all true education, receives a special emphasis here. Five-time prayer and daily Quran reading are compulsory for all Muslim boys.

The children are encouraged in Deeniyath activities. During the month of Ramadan, all the Muslim boys except the boys of V & VI Stds are asked to observe fasting. The Moral Instruction Department assesses each boy from the beginning of the year with regard to Quran reading and religious activities and gives a report to the parent twice a year.

Thirukkural and Moral Instruction classes are conducted for Non-Muslim boys. Students are helped to develop respect cultural, linguistic and religious traditions of their own and others.

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