Potential Development

The recreational facilities and spare – time activities offered by the school make the leisure – time activities more meaningful and useful.

Boys are grouped into three houses named after the historical Tamil kingdoms the Cherans, the Cholans and the Pandians. House-wise Competitions and Cultural events are organized periodically and members of each house strive and compete in a healthy atmosphere to see that their house gets the top place. The Houses are guided by experienced House Masters.

The educational tours are an inseparable appendage to all true education is a proposition universally accepted and endorsed. Hence national and international tours are arranged annually.
The National Service Scheme (NSS) gives an opportunity to students of XI & XII Stds. to render service to the community, while they are staying in an educational institution.
National Cadet Corps (NCC) for VIII & IX students, fosters a sense of discipline and instills the feeling of patriotism in the young minds.

Scouts for VI & VII Stds trains the children for citizenship and develops civic sense among them.
“International Award for Young People” – This programme presents young people with an individual challenge. Through a balanced non-competitive programme of voluntary activities, young people between the ages of 14 and 25, are encouraged to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance, and responsibility to themselves and to the society, in general. The students are required to undertake activities in all the following four areas namely : (i) Service (ii) Adventure (iii) Skills and Interests (iv) Physical Recreation

We believe, as eminent educationists do, that class-room teaching does not wholly fulfill the role of educating a child. “I never let schooling” Mark Twain quipped, “interfere with my education”. The objective of equipping the child for life to meet both its challenges and crises needs a totally varied educational programme outside the four walls of a class-room.

Aiming at an all – round development, the school has many Associations and Clubs. The Literary Associations trains students in the art of public speaking and conducts competitions to develop their literary talent. The Science Club, the Nature Club, the Mathematics Club, the Philatelic Club, and the Inter House Cultural programmes aim at developing the scientific and aesthetic talents in the students.

A State Level Inter-School Invitation Tournament in Football, Basketball & Volleyball : In 1973 when there was no opportunity provided to Matriculation School to participate in the games & sports organized by the Government, Seethakathi tournament organized by Crescent School came into being named after great philanthropist SEETHAKATHI of Ramnad District. It provided ample opportunities to all schools in and around Madras and Chengalpattu districts to competing with one another in Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Hockey.

Now the school is reviving the same in Football, Basketball and Volleyball after a gap of 13 years for the cause of development of sports in Tamil Nadu.

Communication if employed effectively, bridges gaps, breaks barriers and draws hearts together. This contest in Oratory is conducted annually among children of schools from Chennai and Chengalpattu districts to encourage them to sharpen their abilities in communicating well. And the Festival is intended to give them an opportunity to come out with their hidden talents.

The Annual Magazine “THE CRESCENT” is the chief product of students under the supervision of staff members. Every boy in Crescent has enthusiasm, waiting to be utilized for creative performance.”THE CRESCENT” gives him a chance to bring out his best literary talents and the beauty in them.  

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