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Crescent School is an educational family where students and staff from various Indian states and nationalities live, teach and study together in a congenial atmosphere.
Sponsored by THE SEETHAKATHI TRUST, this institution made its humble beginning in 1968 to grow into a full-fledged Residential School for boys offering Matriculation and Higher Secondary streams of Tamilnadu, India and IGCSE and A level courses of the University of Cambridge, UK.

The school guarantees quality education by preparing the students for a bright, productive future. This website will provide enough information about the life in the school that a student is going to experience in this campus.

As parents decide to lay the foundation for their sons' education, Crescent School gets ready to welcome the students into a world where their academic, physical, and spiritual needs are taken care of and make their dreams come true.
I Mid Term 2015-2016
Eid Mubarak
"Co-operate with one another for virtue and piety and do not co-operate with one another for sin and transgression (5:2)"


".. The growth had indeed been extremely impressive and the school developed and managed with sensitivity to old values with a modern approach.."

Mr. N. Ravi, Editor, The Hindu