Greetings from Crescent School

Crescent School is an educational family where students and staff from various Indian states and nationalities live, teach and study together in a congenial atmosphere sponsored by THE SEETHAKATHI TRUST, this institution made its humble beginning in 1968 to grow into a full-fledged Residential School for boys offering Matriculation and Higher Secondary streams of Tamilnadu, India and IGCSE and A level courses of the University of Cambridge, UK. The school guarantees quality education by preparing the students for a bright, productive future.

This website will provide enough information about the life in the school that a student is going to experience in this campus. As parents decide to lay the foundation for their sons' education, Crescent School gets ready to welcome the students into a world where their academic, physical, and spiritual needs are taken care of and make their dreams come true.

Our Vision

Crescent School strives to encourage and enable every student to develop his full potential by providing a high quality stimulating learning experience and an environment encompassing a wide range of relevant activities. The school sincerely believes that the all-round development of the personality of every child thus developed.

Our Mission

Its uniqueness lies in its characteristic blending of academic excellence with a religious atmosphere which moulds the conduct and character of the student community. The school sincerely believes that the all-round development of the personality of every child thus developed will enable him to serve the humanity at large and the community, society and the nation, in particular.

Our Alumni

The school welcomes the old boys with their visits. The Association was formed in January 1986. The membership of the Association is open to all the old boys who were students of the school for at least two years. Details regarding Registration and Annual Subscription can be had from the School Office on request.

❭❭ Revision Exams

Final Revision Exam for Std X begins on 1st March 2017. ✖ Close

❭❭ Government Exams

Government Exams for Std XII begins on 2nd March 2017 and for Std X on 8th March 2017
  ✖ Close

❭❭ Outing Day

Outing Day for Std : V to IX on 5th March 2017. ✖ Close

❭❭ School Reopens

School reopens on May 22,2017. ✖ Close

❭❭ School Admissions

School Admissions : 22nd April 2017. ✖ Close
News & Events

❭❭ Founders Commendation Day & Annual Sports Day

49th Founder’s Commendation Day & Annual Sports Day was conducted on Saturday, 26th November 2016, at Crescent School, Vandalur, Chennai – 600 048.
Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Ph.D., D.Sc., Director, Ecoscience Research Foundation, Chennai was the Chief Guest for Founders Commendation Day.
Mr. A. Rajan, B.E., N.I.S., Athletic Coach, Sports Hostel of Excellence, SDA, Tamil Nadu, was the Chief Guest for Annual Sports Day. ✖ Close

❭❭ Imam Mapillai Aalim Oratorical Contest & Cresfest

38th Imam Mapillai Aalim Oratorical Contest & Cresfest was conducted on 25th & 26th October 2016. ✖ Close

❭❭ Annual Alumni Meet 2016

Annual Alumni Meet 2016 was conducted on 15th & 16th October 2016. ✖ Close

❭❭ Career Guidance & Counseling Programme

1) SRM AUV Mantran - A One Day Career Guidance Program on 25th August 2016,
2) Career Guidance Programme was conducted by Akash Educational Services Pvt Ltd., New Delhi on 29th August 2016,
3) Career Counseling Programme was conducted by Sheentech Review Institute, Hyderabad, Telengana on 29th August 2016. ✖ Close

❭❭ Inter House Oratorical Contest

A Inter House Oratorical Contest was conducted for our students in Hindi and Tamil on 18th June 2016. ✖ Close